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Choosing a Bong to Help with Pain

At Pulsar-Tens, we realize that sometimes it takes compounding different types of pain management to cope with pain. We aren’t above medicinal marijuana to help relieve pain. Just as with any type of medicine, it is important that you have the right tools for the job, so here is our guide to buying the right bong.

There is no one-size-fits-all metrics when shopping for a bong. With this smoking tool, choices are as diverse as your lifestyle and personality. Of course, as a wise shopper, there are basic bong features that you might want to check first before buying one. Durability, quality, and functionality are top consideration when buying a bong whether you are a first-time user or have been using it for a long time. You also have to check out the prices because they are priced competitively but you get great value for money.

Shopping Online Or Heading Out To A Glass Shop?

There is a lot of variety when you go out and shop for a bong. You can either choose to buy a bong online or head out to a local glass shop to snag a new piece. Convenience and ease is predictably the advantage of shopping online but if you want to see varied bong options and check out its quality and material then it would be recommended to shop in a physical store. Well, most people would really want to get a feel of it plus check out new designs and artists especially if you are also hunting for a collector’s item.

Here’s what you have to look for when buying a bong:

  1. Ceramics Or Glass?

    Do you want your bong made out of ceramics or glass? You also get to pick out what design, shape, and size you want for your bong. While ceramics are wonderful decorative pieces they are very difficult to clean and you also would need to change the water more frequently than with glass bongs. Many people prefer glass bongs because they are user-friendly and easy to clean too.

  2. Inspect The Quality Of Your Piece.

    Whenever you shop for a bong, always look for flaws than be enamored by it right away. While the design and price may be great, you need to check up close if there are some damages. Check if there are fractures or some rough edges. This could hint that it could indicate weakness in glass quality. You should also inspect if the bong is airtight.

  3. Priced Just Right?

    Whenever you go out shopping, you would instinctively go for a bargain. However, when you shop for bongs in particular, prices vary but you should stick for a reasonably priced bong that gives a bang for your buck. Do not go for a low-priced one when you get shortchanged in quality. Weigh your options and see if the bong is worth the price tag.

Shopping for a good deal on bongs isn’t rocket science but there is still a bit of economics, ergonomics, and science that go with it. While you should opt for great design or stylish bongs that are built to impress – never allow yourself to be shortchanged in terms of quality and durability.  We all shop on different terms and have guides to follow on instinct; but with bongs – choose one that you can use comfortably while getting the best out of its overall functionality.


Pain Relief



Effective drug-free pain relief
with a Pulsar enables many patients to manage their chronic or acute pain without drugs and their associated side effects. Pulsar stimulates the body to enhance its own natural pain control mechanisms giving relief and control of chronic pains all over the body. It can also be used in acute conditions such as post operative pain, sports injuries and in the treatment of ischaemic ulcers. Pulsar TENS is non invasive, safe and easy to use with no lasting effects. It can be used on its own or as a complementary therapy to ‘pain killers’.


What people say about Pulsar
“I have had four spinal fractures due to Osteoporosis. On top of this I have also had a total hip replacement which further increased the strain on my back. Pulsar eliminates the pain whilst in use. I can now enjoy car outings and can use buses and taxis to get around. Pulsar for me has removed a lot of the mental fatigue associated with chronic pain”

“I purchased a dual channel Pulsar having first tried it on loan from my doctor. The support and advice of your Careline has been exceptionally helpful”

“Now after two and a half painful years I can gain relief at a turn of two controls, wonderful. I am annoyed with myself for not asking for the Pulsar Tens sooner”




Pulsar helps pain in up to 80% of patients.
Studies have shown that using Pulsar TENS will relieve pain in up to 80% of patients, the conclusive result depends on the individual and the condition treated. It can be used alone as the primary method of pain relief or in conjunction with other analgesics. The amount of pain relief you require is completely under your control. Use Pulsar TENS as little or as often as you need and wherever you go.


Pulsar TENS explained (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS is the application of low level pulsed electrical current through surface electrodes placed on the skin. The touch stimulation produced by Pulsar TENS has two effects on the bodies pain signalling system.




Pain Suppression.
Pulsar TENS initially activates a pain suppression system that restricts the amount of pain signals reaching the brain. By reducing the number of signals reaching the brain, it is able to diminish the perceived levels of pain. This mechanism is often referred to as the ‘Gate Control Theory’ of pain.


Increasing your Endorphin level TENS encourages the body to increase its own production of natural opiate-like substances, called Endorphins, which again reduce the number of pain signals from reaching the brain. You can think of this mechanism as if it were raising your ‘Pain tolerance level’.




The technique
Pulsar works by sending electrical impulses across your skin which gently stimulate your ‘touch’ nerves.

This stimulation acts to block many of the pain signals reaching the brain and it also encourages the body to produce its own natural pain relieving substances, called Endorphins, which further reduce the awareness of pain.

Pulsar is safe for you and your baby
Pulsar uses the natural regulatory systems within your body and has no known harmful effects either on you or your baby.

In practice, babies born to mothers using Pulsar are more alert and responsive than those born to mothers using powerful drugs such as Pethidine.

Pulsar can be used alone as the primary method of pain relief during childbirth but is often used in conjunction with other forms of analgesia, such as Entonox or ‘gas and oxygen’.

The electrode placement positions on your back have been carefully chosen to provide maximum pain relief without any harmful effects. The sensation produced at the electrodes can be described as a pleasant tingling feeling.

Many of your pain signals will be blocked instantly while your pain relieving endorphins will build with time. The strength of stimulation is set by you to the highest comfortable level. For extra pain relief during contractions, an additional hand held boost button increases the rate of Pulsar’s stimulation pulses.

The technique is non-invasive easily used and reversible. When Pulsar is switched off, the blocking of the nerve pathways stops and the endorphins produced are broken down by your body over a period of several hours with no remaining effects.

A step by step guide in every rental pack shows you exactly where to position the electrodes and how to use Pulsar. You will also have free access to our Pulsar Careline for further help and support.

Pulsar can also be used for post operative pain relief after a Caesarian section. Specific details of this application are given in the user guide.

You should not use Pulsar if you have a Cardiac pacemaker.